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Muslims condemn Maute terror group

DAVAO CITY – The Muslim community in Tagum City has condemned the attacks of the Maute Group in Marawi City and considers the terror group’s actions as ‘un-islamic’.

During a dialogue and peace consultation here, City mayor Allan Rellon called on the support of the Muslim communities in sustaining peace and security in the city, saying that he strongly recognized their role in achieving such.

“Muslim Datus, Imams, and Arabic Facilitators of the city gathered last June 5 at the New City Hall to discuss with the City Government of Tagum and other local authorities the support they can extend to the peace initiatives of the government concerning the terrorism incidents in Marawi and also to express their sympathy to the victims of the said attacks,” said the statement released by the Tagum City Information Office.

The Tagum City Federation of Arabic Facilitators (TCFAF) also released a statement condemning the incidents in Marawi, saying it has deliberately affected their minds, regular routines, and religious practices especially in this Holy month of Ramadhan

“The perpetrators of the attacks manifest inhumane acts by destroying the once-peaceful City of Marawi, by killing civilians, regardless of status and religion, and by burning houses which resulted to massive displacement of civilians,” the group said.

The Muslim groups also expressed their support to the government in advancing programs that will lead to genuine peace, irrespective of political and religious inclinations.

Meantime, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Governor Mujiv Hataman decried an online video of suspected Maute Group members desecrating the place of worship of the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Marawi City. The terrorists reportedly destroyed images of Jesus Christ and Mary.

“This is inhumane and unacceptable – their acts mirror that of the Khawarij and their belief betrays those of our faith. These terrorists are nothing but hypocrites who undermine the true essence of Islam,” Hataman said.

“The acts of the Maute Group, the Abu Sayyaf, and their ilk show that they are unfortunate reincarnations of the Khawarij – they who recite the Quran but the words do not pass beyond their throats, and who leave the religion as an arrow leaves its target and do not return as the arrow does not return to its bow,” he said.

Hataman called the iconoclasts “the worst of their creation.”

“They are immature and reckless, quoting the Qu’ran and Hadith in perverse ways that fit their equally perverse cause. These infidels who represent the Khawarij of our time must be condemned and shunned away from the Muslim ummah, for they are unworthy of the promises of Allah and the pleasures of jannah (paradise),” he said. (Yas D. Ocampo)