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Cocaine-made suitcases seized in Shanghai

SHANGHAI (Xinhua) – Shanghai customs announced Tuesday that they had seized two suitcases made from over 10 kg of cocaine.

Listed among “high-risk passengers involved in drugs” in a database, a woman from Southeast Asia was spotted at Shanghai Pudong International Airport while flying from a South American country, said a Shanghai customs official.

X-ray machine showed her luggage looked darker in color, and the suitcases were heavier than ordinary ones after being emptied, said the official.

The suitcases tested positive during a fast drug test, and were later found to made from 10.2 kg of cocaine.

The event occurred in February, but was disclosed Tuesday ahead of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which falls on June 26. It is the only drug-made-suitcase case ever reported in China.

According to Chinese law, anyone convicted of trafficking 50 grams of cocaine or more will be given a mandatory death sentence.