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Daring actors

LOYDIE AND PAPA P – At an informal gathering of entertainment writers this question is asked: Who among our matinee idols are also daring actors. Daring as in equal to almost any role.

John Lloyd Cruz is right away mentioned. His roles are as varied as they come: gay, mentally-challenged, gangster, crossdresser even. Lloydie’s one in Lav Diaz’s “Ang Babaeng Humayo.”

How about Piolo Pascual? Not as daring as Lloydie, but Papa P had his share of out-of -the- box roles. Think of Chito Roño’s “Dekada ‘70” as activist tortured in the nude and Mel Chionglo’s “Lagarista,” tribute to movies when boxed film reels were brought to downtown theaters via bicycle. In this writer’s book, “Lagarista,” shot when Papa P was only in his 20’s, is the actor’s best performance to date.

Oh, there’s “Silong” where he played a doctor with a dark secret. Can’t remember the director, sorry.

DENNIS AND GERALD – Dennis Trillo is another matinee idol who dares.Think “Aishite Imasu,” where he played a gay guerilla in drag during World War 11, with a Japanese officer ( Jay Manalo) falling in love with him. There’s the historical epic “Felix Manalo,” which showed him from a young man to a revered religious leader. Joel Lamangan directed both films.

On TV, Dennis and Tom Rodriguez (another daring actor) played gay lovers in “My Husband’s Lover,’ with Carla Abellana as the woman in the triangle.

Gerald Anderson, isn’t trapped in romcoms. Think of the TV series “Bugoy” (with the mind of a child) and Erik Matti’s “OTJ,” as the trainee of gang leader Joel Torre.

MORE? – Are there more matinee idols who dare … to be different.

Tom Rodriguez as earlier mentioned, Jake Cuenca (no qualms about nudity), Rafael Rossell, Paulo Avelino, JC de Vera, Rocco Nacino, Matteo Guidicelli, Derek Monasterio, Jericho Rosales.

How about among the top young actors? The likes of Enrique Gil, James Reid, Alden Richards, Daniel Padilla.

Probably Alden and Daniel… as named by entertainment writers.