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Aussie ring legend shares tips to Horn

BRISBANE, Australia — The only way for Jeff Horn to upset Manny Pacquiao is to assume the role of the bully when they get it on Sunday at Suncorp Stadium, according to Australia’s biggest boxing star.

Three-division champion Jeff Fenech said Horn has “got to take him somewhere he’s never been before and make him uncomfortable,” said Fenech, now 53, and a one-time Manila visitor.

Horn is the overwhelming underdog in his attempt at dethroning Pacquiao as the World Boxing Organization welterweight king and Fenech insists that “he has to make him do something he doesn’t want.”

Known for his aggressiveness and toughness during his heyday, Fenech was in the corner of an Australian puncher who “knocked out” Pacquiao in October 2000 in the Philippines.

Fenech called the shots when Nedal Hussein, a Lebanese-Australian, floored Pacquiao with a stiff left jab in the fourth round.

Fenech protested that referee Carlos Padilla allowed Pacquiao to regain his bearings by administering a slow count and resorting to delaying tactics.

In that fight, Hussein likewise applied dirty tactics like head-butting and arm twisting but went on to lose a tenth-round stoppage owing to a hideous cut.