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Rody vows to fulfill duty

Ni: Genalyn D. Kabiling

Regardless of the public rating of his performance in his first year in office, President Duterte has promised to continue to fulfill his duty to protect the country from threats, from illegal drugs to terrorism.

The President said he does not mind whether the people give him a poor or excellent grade on his leadership in the first 12 months in office.

“You can rate me good, very good, excellent, or very poor. And I don’t mind. I said, I’ll just do my duty,” Duterte said. “If I make you happy, good. If you are sad about what I’m doing, I’m sorry,” he said.

The President has refused anew to assess his own performance thus far, leaving the matter to the public to make the judgment. “I am not a guy who would want to rate himself. It is up for other people to do that,” said Duterte.