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Ex-sweethearts Baste & Ellen to reunite in ‘Lakbai’ episode

CAN exes really be friends? This is one of the classic questions that make everyone wonder. For most people, it doesn’t seem probable given the romantic history that the couple shared and even if they try to be friends, it may lead to different levels of awkwardness. But some people prove that exes, in fact, can still be friends.

These are the people who have accepted the fact that they are not meant to be a couple, but meant to be great friends, “Bes-tiny” as we call it.

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If you want proof of “Bes-tiny”, just see how Ellen Adarna and Presidential son Baste Duterte have moved on from rumors of romance to becoming best friends.

The real relationship status of the two has been the target of gossip sites and social media. Both have strongly expressed that they are nothing more than great friends.

Ellen Adarna is the featured guest in the Cebu Getaway episode of Baste Duterte’s reality-adventure show, “Lakbai”.

The episode explores Ellen Adarna’s hometown, the beautiful city of Cebu and at the same time her wonderful friendship with Baste.

Ellen and Baste have called it quits late last year.

For the Lakbai gang’s adventure in Cebu, they are getting an authentic experience firsthand as Cebu-born and raised Ellen Adarna gives them a tour of the Queen City of South.

They will try the famous Lechon Cebu and for a fun twist, the group will try to be lechoneros for a day.

For a local experience, Ellen will tour them around the city and will even bring them to her favorite nightspot where they will eat, drink and jam with the band. For the ultimate Cebu adventure, the crew will go on a thrilling sky diving experience.

Beyond the usual Cebu stops, Ellen will share a personal moment with Baste and the group as she brings them to the Temple of Leah. This shrine is owned by Ellen’s grandfather as a tribute of love to her grandmother.

Witness the one of a kind escapade and friendship of Baste, Ellen, Bogart, Atty. Alexis, Sboi and Andrei in the Cebu Getaway episode of “Lakbai” this July 9 on TV5!