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Smoking linked to breast cancer?

By: Kim Atienza

A STATEMENT by the Department of Health (DoH) and the Philippine Cancer Society (PCS) says breast cancer is the most common of cancers in the Philippines, with 16 percent of the 50,000 diagnosed cases. (2010 Philippine Cancer Facts and Estimates).

In relation to the concern, recent findings have suggested a link between cigarette-smoking and breast cancer.


According to Reuters Health, a study was conducted last year saying that there is an increased chance of death if the patient is smoking cigarettes. The research focuses on the impact of the duration of smoking on women with this kind of tumor, and it is the first do so, according to the co-author of the study Dr. Masaaki Kawai.

“Among more than 800 women with breast cancer, those who had smoked for more than two decades had at least triple the odds of dying of any cause, or from breast cancer in particular, compared with women who never used cigarettes,” Reuters Health states.

Tobacco has its obvious effects, but despite this, cigarettes remain their reputation as strong marketable merchandise in the Philippines.

Furthermore, the likelihood of the youth replacing adult smokers is an increasing risk.

“The Philippines will continue to be Southeast Asia’s second largest tobacco consumers if young Filipinos are not stopped from smoking,” the New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP) warns.


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