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WBO validates Horn’s victory

Jeff Horn’s shocking win over Manny Pacquiao last week in Brisbane was validated by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) yesterday when “anonymous and competent judges from different countries” reviewed the 12-rounder and picked the Australian as the rightful winner.

WBO president Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcarcel was compelled to do a recount of the fight after a letter from the Games and Amusements Board disputed the scoring.

The five judges were made to watch the fight “without sound distractions” and three of the five favored Horn (115-113) while another had it for Pacquiao (114-113) and one saw it a draw (114-114).

Horn beat Pacquiao on a unanimous decision in front of over 51,000 fans at Suncorp Stadium with Waleska Roldan of New York scoring it 117-111 while Ramon Cerdan of Argentina and Chris Flores of Arizona submitting identical cards of 115-113.

In his letter to the Puerto Rico-based WBO, GAB chairman Baham Mitra alleged that there were “errors of the referee and judges who officiated” the fight that left Pacquiao and his camp in a state of shock and disbelief.

“The purpose of this review is to be able to give the fans certainty of who was the winner of the bout,” said Valcarcel, who actually served as the fight supervisor of the Pacquiao-Horn battle for the world welterweight title.

Valcarcel made it clear, however, that the WBO doesn’t have the authority to reverse the decision but nonetheless expressed its full support should a rematch takes place in November or December.

There is a provision in the contract that calls for Horn to grant an immediate rematch to Pacquiao and things seem to be heading into that direction.

“From the results, it can be established that Pacquiao won five rounds while Horn won seven rounds,” the WBO said in a press statement. “Jeff Horn was the winner of the bout.”

While negotiations have yet to commence regarding a rematch being eyed to take place in either Brisbane or Melbourne, Horn has expressed his desire to do it one more time.

Horn’s chief trainer Glenn Rushton feels his fighter will have a much easier time prevailing the next time they meet.

Even Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank is behind a second meeting and Pacquiao himself told a handful of Manila-based scribes upon his arrival in General Santos City that he is aching to get even with the Australian bruiser.

Pacquiao admits that he made a mistake in believing that he could bring down Horn with just one punch and assures everyone that such won’t happen in the event they meet again.