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Yassi Pressman ‘re-discovered’

‘RE-DISCOVERY’ – Yassi Pressman was discovered a few years back and appeared in shows on several channels, including the remake of “Tasia Fantasia” on TV5. But truth to tell she didn’t make waves.

Ah, but 2017 is an altogether different story. It may well be called her “re-discovery” year – thanks to “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” on ABS-CBN, where she plays the wife of Coco Martin. All of a sudden, in a manner of speaking, televiewers realized what a fine actress she is. And how beautiful Yassi is.

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She was included on the Sunday noontime show “ASAP,” where she sings and dances as well.

Now Yassi Pressman is Viva’s hottest star. And Boss Vic (del Rosario) has big plans for her this year and next.

Yassi is truly the “re-discovery of the year.”

REGAL IN BLUE – Yassi was recently introduced to media as the first Filipina endorser of Nivea Deo.

Fresh from ASAP, Yassi came regal in blue, flattered no end that she was chosen endorser of the beauty product, an international brand. She said that even as a young girl she was already familiar with Nivea.

“I can’t believe I’m endorsing Nivea, the first Filipina to do so,” she enthused.

WHY YASSI? – Yes, why Yassi Pressman? Why not this and that actress?

The lady executives of Nivea explained that Yassi’s perfect for the beauty product as they were looking for one who’s confident, smart, amiable. Also one who looks forward to a good and fruitful life.

And Yassi certainly fits the bill.

Watch Yassi Pressman’s star to shine brighter and brighter.

  • Yassi is such a beautiful person! Also talented – she can act, sing, dance. I have been following her shows since I saw her with Nadine in Diary ng Panget The Movie and Talk Back and You’re Dead. I saw a bit sad when I feel like that her big break is late despite her talent and look. Maybe this is what they say that our time will come if we patiently wait. This is now her moment – she even have a number of commercials and then here comes another one.

    Now that she is a part of the Ang Probinsyano family, weeknights of every Filipino home is completed by the presence of Alyana. I thought she is going to die when Joaquin held her as hostage. She is young and definitely have a bright future ahead.