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To Lav Diaz: Less is more

OFW FILM – After “Ang Babaeng Humayo,” director Lav Diaz and actress Charo Santos are collaborating on an OFW film, titled “AngSakaniHenrico” (Henrico’s Farm). Lav is said to have been inspired by his interaction with overseas Filipino workers in Madrid, Frankfurt, Milan, Basel (Switzerland), and Singapore.

The film is Lav’s homage to the Filipino woman – hardworking, sacrificing, and loving.

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HOW LONG? – But will it be another four-hour or six-hour or eight-hour or even 10-hour saga?

Hope that this time Lav, the most internationally acclaimed Filipino director, will reduce the film to at most two-and-a-half hours.

Heard that even Charo is trying to convince Lav to make it short so that more people can watch his masterpiece.

Let’s admit it, very, very ,very few people are willing to sit for four or six hours to watch a movie. They don’t have the time, the energy, the patience, and the inclination to do so.

Remember that less can be more. So how about it, Lav?

MASTERPIECES – Look, the masterpieces of other Filipino directors last for more or less two hours.

Am refering to our National Artists. The likes of Gerry de Leon (“Fili”), Bert Avellana (“AnakDalita”), Manuel Conde (Genghis Khan”), Eddie Romero (“Ganito Kami Noon”), Lino Brocka (“Maynila”), Ishmael Bernal (“Himala”).

May as well include the late Marilou Diaz-Abaya (“Jose Rizal”), Celso Ad Castillo (“Burlesk Queen”), Mario O’Hara (“Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos”) Gil Portes (“Mga Munting Tinig”).

CAN DO IT – By the way, early in his career, Lav Diaz directed fine films with usual length – one hour and thirty minutes to a little over two hours. Think “Kriminalng Barrio Concepcion,” “ Burger Boys,” and “Hesus Rebolusyonaryo.”

Am hoping to see the day when local audience will line up at the box office to watch a Lav Diaz film – not lasting three hours.