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Gossipy, bitchy Hollywood

‘HOLLYWOOD BABBLE ON’ – Thanks to Boze Hadleigh’s book, “Hollywood Babble On,” Highspeed gets a taste of gossipy, bitchy Hollywood.

Barbra Streisand was my opening act in Las Vegas. She was multi-talented from the start, but with social instincts of a landlady. Barbra is interested in Barbra, and her only marriage that will survive is the one between her ego and her career. – Liberace.

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Still on Barbra: The women have come a long way in Hollywood when the most powerful one in movies is also the least lovely. – Lee Strasberg.

I am not a diva or a legend. To be either, I think you have to be dead, or at least as old as Marlene Dietrich or Lillian Gish. – Catherine Deneuve.

Princess Grace’s legacy are those charming films she was in and that scandalous daughter of hers. – Gilda Radner
I wish Princess Di would move to Hollywood. She’d make a superstar movie star, and everyone would treat her like royalty, unlike that horse-faced bunch she’s living among in London. – Peter Allen

MORE BITCHY WORDS – Diana Ross doesn’t want to do this movie because she wants to be white. – Ryan O’ Neal about “The Bodyguard,” an interracial love story finally filmed in 1991 with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

I believe it’s Louis B. Mayer or Samuel Goldwyn who described Greer Garson as a perfect lady. Or was that Deborah Kerr? But a perfect lady is hardly an exciting, or enduring one. It is the bitches who last the longest, because they are the most intriguing. – Fernado Lamas

I’m not Julie Andrews’ fan. I’m a diabetic. – David Janssen

Audrey Hepburn walked out on her thriving career in the late sixties, terminated it, for her second husband. An Italian – a philandering Italian. He left her for a younger woman. You see? – Romy Schneider.

Liz Taylor should be grateful to me – my jokes are one of the reasons she went on a diet. It was embarrassing. When I took her to Sea World and Shamu the Whale jumped out of the water, she asked if it came with vegetables. – Joan Rivers