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Globe partners with Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

GLOBE Telecom partners with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) through Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) for its #PlayItRight advocacy in a bid to encourage the public to play content from legitimate sources as well as provide an opportunity for local movies and film-makers to grow their business and expand to more audiences.

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By bannering PPP, one of the biggest Filipino film festivals that hero home-grown talents, Globe is also able to show its support to the Philippine movie industry. PPP has the largest screenings of films nationwide with 790 theaters, showcasing 12 top-rated locally-produced movies chosen by the FDCP.

“We intend to elevate the quality of the entertainment in the country. There’s a boundless supply of talent in the Philippines which may bring great movies, awe-inspiring theater productions, and exciting content; but it also entails educating consumers to patronize these movies, shows, and content only through legitimate means. By supporting the #PlayItRight campaign, everyone will get the opportunity to experience quality and safe entertainment wherever they are and in whichever form they want – whether film, digital, or theatre,” said Globe Chief Commercial Officer Albert de Larrazabal.

Film piracy has long been an issue with Filipino moviemakers who find their work screened through illegal means. With #PlayItRight, movies, music, and other aspects of the performing arts are more accessible to the public, helping to combat online piracy. At the launching of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino earlier, many in the movie industries were thankful for the initiative that allows for more Filipinos to have access to quality local films in theaters.

PPP covers several genres, promising curated movie choices for Filipino film fans. Included in the line-up chosen for the festival are romantic films “100 Tula Para Kay Stella” and “Paglipay,” narratives that touch the heart such as the gritty “Hamog,” the romance drama “Pauwi Na,” the film tackling “Down Syndrome Star na Si Van Damme Stallone,” and the “Triptiko” anthology. For those who want it light, their funny bone will be tickled by comedies “Bar Boys” and the satirical “Patay na si Hesus.” Moviegoers who prefer action can watch “AWOL” and “Birdshot” while horror fans may choose between “Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B” and the thriller “Salvage.”