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Swinging both ways

BISEXUAL – Aaron Carter, 29, recently came out as bisexual, swinging both ways, attracted to both men and women. He said he lost his girlfriend who couldn’t take it.

Aaron said he knew he was bi when he was barely 13, but it’s only now he found the guts to out himself.

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Now, who among our actors and actresses will have the courage to follow Aaron’s example? Oh, there are whispers about this and that actor or actress being bisexual. Oh, not minor names but major ones.

Well, in the end it’s a personal decision… and let’s respect that.

Aaron is the younger brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.

CRIS V’S DAUGHTER – Mel Caparas says that one of the ongoing Bb. World-Philippines candidates is the eldest daughter of competent character actor Cris Villanueva. She is Zara Carbonell. Complete name is Zhaniethia Antoinette Carbonell-Villanueva.

Mother is Zhar Carbonell, former fashion model turned businesswoman.

Zara’s appeared in TV commercials and soaps and is a resident host of Color Manila Nationwide. She travels a lot and has her own Vlog.

In high school (San Agustin) and College (La Salle-Taft), she was a cheerleader.

MAN OF THE WORLD – While at it, Mel C shares with Highspeed readers the photo of reigning Man of the World, Mostafa Elizali of Egypt, accountant turned model. He was presented to media during a post coronation meet and greet along with Vietnam’s, Huu Lung (1st runner-up) and Palestine’s Abou Sahyoun Wassim (2nd runner-up).

Man of the World is not connected with Miss World, whose local franchise is owned by Arnold Vegafria. Man of the World is produced by Carlo Morris Galang.