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CJ Hirro reveals worst part about being a beauty queen

Former beauty queen-turned-events host CJ Hirro has said that being a beauty queen was never easy because people would always expect a lot from her.

Asked about the worst part about being a beauty queen, Hirro said: “The expectations of people. So every time I go out, I am not always used to fixing myself. When you go to events, you wanna be dressed up.”

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Hirro made the reaction during an exclusive interview at the contract signing for Belmere Skin Care Centre for the winners of Miss Global Philippines 2017 contest. It was also witnessed by Belmere CEO Michelle Vitug Encarnacion.

Added Hirro: “Ever since joining Miss Global Philippines, I have to be in my best self. Parang paranoid ako. One time there was this group of kids, the one we visited the school for the deaf during the international pageant, they were running after me. So now, at least people recognize me. ‘Yun lang so I always have to dress up.”

Hirro also admitted that there’s always a pressure to look good but “it’s a good thing.”

“There’s pressure but it’s also a good thing because it prepared me for a career that I wanted to pursue. Now it’s easier for me, for example, there are VTRs that I have to attend, so getting ready for those, mas madali na for me,” she said.

Hirro won the Miss Global Philippines 2016 pageant. Later she competed in the international edition of the contest and won first runner-up.

“Because of the pageant, I got to know more about the designers. I’m not just doing it for myself, or for my image.

But once you’re part of an organization.

“I have to dress up well because we don’t want other people seeing me ‘ay yan pala ‘yung Miss Global Philippines, ganyan pala itsura nya sa personal.’

“Ako kasi I dont get into something na 100 percent committed ako so forever my responsibility ako to look good,” Hirro said.

After her reign, Hirro said that she’s busy hosting events these days. “I’m hosting events and I’m waiting for the results of the auditions that I did mostly with GMA 7. I’m back to writing. I’m busy actually nakatutok sa news so I can write articles for politicians. Nothing on paper just ghost-writing.”