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Korina says husband Mar keeps things simple

TOP broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas has said that she loves her husband politician Mar Roxas for being so simple in the looks department.

Asked if she encourages Mar to do facial and other salon stuff, Sanchez smiled and said: “Oo naman! Pero walang kabani-banidoso ‘yun!”

“Sa katawan naglo-lotion s’ya pero sa mukha, wala s’yang ginagawa. Ayaw nga magpatina ng buhok! But I love him for that!” said Sanchez, who is the newest ambassador of RDL Placenta soap, during an exclusive interview in Quezon City recently.

Sanchez also revealed how she maintains her skin young-looking despite being on-the-go as a journalist all the time.

“I try to sleep eight hours a day. I have to moisturize which I never did before. That’s it! I drink a lot of water,” said Sanchez, host of the popular magazine show “Rated K” on ABS-CBN.

When asked about her definition of beauty, Sanchez said: “I think beauty is a life with purpose. It’s not just physical.”

She also names Oscar awardees Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, and Marion Cotillard as beautiful people with a purpose.

Sanchez revealed that RDL is her first endorsement in her career.

“I don’t really endorse. This is the first endorsement that I’m gonna do in my career. Right now I’m on leave from news. So I asked permission from ABS CBN if I could start endorsing because in all the years that I’ve been working as a journalist, I don’t really endorse. I don’t really do that.

“But since I am not with news right now. I’m doing ‘Rated K,’ and I’m doing another ANC show which is lifestyle, so it’s not really a conflict of interest if I start endorsing.

“I have to be very discerning about the brands that I endorse, and when this offer came along, I had to do research, I have to use the product, and I do believe not only in the product, but in the long-standing go reputation, of RDL,” said Sanchez.

At the same event, RDL also launched Rams Travel Agency with Albert Martinez and Isabelle Duterte as the brand ambassadors of the travel company. Other celebrities who attended the event were Xian Lim, Ejay Falcon, and John Lapus.

Mercedita Lim, vice president of RDL, said that she is optimistic about the success of the latest endeavors with the help of the new brand ambassadors.