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Let Them Fry

By: Jullie Y. Daza

LATE in 2016, President Duterte said in one of his just-between-you-and-me speeches intended for the millions: “BIR, Customs, LTFRB, lahat sila corrupt!”

How would he rate them today – still corrupt, incorrigibly corrupt, trying hard? Due to space constraints and because BIR and Customs are institutionalized household words in that department, it’s LTFRB that grabs our attention. Public sentiment has been fiercely, obviously against LTFRB, not because they stole our money but because they had to make life difficult for the riding public when a R300 million fine on Uber was all they were after. Uber paid P190 million to end a 19-day suspension, and even if the suspension had reduced traffic by 5 percent, motorists were relieved for Uber users.

It’s not a good sign when taxpayers side with a private company that has committed an infraction against a government agency. But consider what kind of civil servants run that agency, whose attitude toward their clients is to LTFRB:

Let Them Fry, Roast, and Burn. Look at the mien and demeanor of the tiresome Triumvirate when they talk to us! They would be more suitable at the Bureau of Jail Management subduing hardened criminals. They want us to do their work – “Assert your rights when you’ve been refused a ride” – and they have the cheek to warn, “Don’t blame us!” for punishing a TNVS provider as long as the people bear the brunt of the punishment.

President Digong, Secretary Tugade, where did you find such grumpy appointees? Is it too late to enrol them in a Dale Carnegie course, teach them how to soften their facial muscles, reform their combative language, reduce their unshakeable animosity?

While the tantrum-throwing Triumvirate make a show of sticking to the letter of the law, see how they create traffic jams on East Ave., right in front of their office and along a side-street, by parking a long immovable row of vehicles before they’re towed to some godforsaken impounding area somewhere. Sure, Let Them Fry, Roast and Burn while you take your sweet time guessing where that will be.