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Brace for traffic jams

By: Anna Liza-Villas Alavaren

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) advised motorists to plan trips going to the metropolis to shop so as avoid getting stuck in traffic as “ber” month started.

Jojo Garcia, MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations, said shoppers can opt to visit shopping malls located in their areas rather than establishments where they have to travel.

“Let us schedule our trips to avoid being caught in traffic. If you are a Quezon City resident, you can shop there than going to Manila area where you have to travel long hours before reaching the area,” said Garcia.

Garcia admitted that traffic flow in the metropolis, particularly in commercial districts and location of shopping malls.

To ease traffic, Garcia is set to ask mall operators to adjust their operation schedules to help alleviate traffic congestion in the metro-polis in the busiest time of the year.