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Blessings for good and honest people

By: Marilyn C. Arayata

THERE’S a beautiful story of a businessman who gave each of his executives a special seed. He told them to plant it, water it, and bring it to him after a year. Based on the output, the businessman would choose the next CEO. All the executives returned with plants and trees, except for a man. He said he watered the seed every day, but still, it would not grow. The businessman told him that he passed the test. The man who could not grow his seed was chosen as the next CEO. All the seeds that the businessman gave the executives really would not grow because he boiled them! There are blessings for honest people.

“Ang madaya ay hindi nagwawagi.” Do you sometimes wonder why dishonest people get so much more than they could chew and seem to reap all sorts of earthly rewards? Don’t worry about them. There’s a day of reckoning. The Lord will hold each of us accountable for every word and action – even for every omission – what we did not do when we had to do it.

Let me say it again – there are blessings for honest people. They sleep well. They don’t worry about getting caught because they have nothing to hide. They play fair. They don’t worry about punishments that will last for generations.

When people do not worry too much, it is good to their health, family life, career, and relationships.

What do you think people normally wish others who fool them and take what they own? In contrast, what do they normally wish people who are good to them? I believe that good and honest people are generally well for different reasons including these: the heavens bless them, they reap what they sow, and many people remember them in their prayers and wish them well.

Keep doing good deeds even if sometimes nobody appreciates it. Be honest even if the majority chooses to live in lies. God will take care of you.

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