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Poetic, unusual showbiz names

YESTERYEAR – A dear friend from Makati, Benjie Henson, called up to say how much she enjoyed reading Highspeed items on the movies and stars of yesteryear. Her all-time favorite is Susan Roces, “The Face that Refreshes.” And yes, Benjie watches regularly “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” where Susan plays the grandma of Coco Martin.

19Mila_del_Sol copy

She adds that she treasures the two books I gave her, “The Golden Years” and “Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig” (biography of Carmen Rosales, authored by Manny Fernandez). Danny Dolor published both books.

Benjie and I recalled with fondness – and a bit of sadness – her brother Menchu of Beny’s Beauty Salon, whose 10th death anniversary is this month.

Benjie longs for those movies and stars of yesteryear.

POETIC – Highspeed, with the help of “The Golden Years,” enumerates some of the poetic and unusual names of actors and actresses, especially the latter.

Rosa del Rosario – (The original “Darna”) and Rosario Moreno.

Not to forget Rosa Rosal (Magsaysay Awardee).

Linda Estrella – (Beautiful Star).

Norma Blancaflor – (very photogenic, Whiteflower).

Eddie del Mar – (of the Sea, noted for Jose Rizal roles).

Mario Montenegro – (the original Brown Adonis).

Lirio del Valle – (Lily of the Valley).

Brothers Rogelio and Jaime de la Rosa. A sister was named Africa.

Españita – (Small Spain).

Luningning – (Shine, Gleam).

Paraluman – (Goddess).

Mona Lisa – (formerly Fleur de Lis, said to have a shady connotation in France, woman of the night).

Mila del Sol – (very musical).

Angelita Rhumba Rey – (fine dancer?)

Amor La Vida – (Love of Life).

Flor de Hasmin – (isn’t Hasmin a flower?)

Alma Bella – (Beautiful Soul) and Bella Flores – (Beautiful Flowers).

UNUSUAL NAMES – Usually limited to comedians and comediennes. Consider:

Pugak & Tugak (painter Peck Pinon), Pugo & Togo, Chichay & Tolindoy.

Dely Atay-Atayan & Andoy Balun-Balunan, Lopito & Patsy.

Aruray, Menggay, Chuchi, Surot (Billy Vizcarra), Canuplin.

Bayani, Soto, Palito, Bentot, Casmot, Ponga, Cachupoy.

And, of course, Dolphy (originally Golay) and Chiquito (also To-chi-qui).

Of more recent vintage are Pokwang, Vice Ganda, Moi, Empoy.