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PNP to buy 37,000 body cameras

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is hoping to buy at least 37,000 pieces of body cameras next year that will be used in police operations, especially illegal drugs, amid doubts that all those who died in anti-drugs operations fought back.

But PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos said Congress and eventually Presidnt Duterte has the final say on whether or not their proposal to buy the initial batch of body cameras would push through.

“We hope that Congress would approve our request to purchase 37,000 body cameras. We hope that the fund will be added to the PNP budget (for 2018),” said Carlos.

Proposals to buy body cameras came after the PNP was intensely criticized for allegedly trying to cover up the death of some anti-drugs war casualties by making it appear in police report that the victims are fighting back.

The PNP is also being criticized for planting guns and illegal drugs to the slain drug suspects.

“We need them for transparency and documentation process,” said Carlos. (Aaron Recuenco)