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Honor a teacher today!

By: Marilyn C. Arayata

HE mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” (William Arthur Ward).

Teachers “tell”, “explain”, and “demonstrate”, depending on the lesson’s objectives and the topic. “How-to” lessons and identifying parts and functions are best taught using these three verbs – and so are events, cycles, processes, and so on.

The inspiring act happens only when there is a conscious effort. It may be through a simple “Very good!” on the margin of an informal composition or an assignment. It may be through accepting and respecting a student’s opinion that is different from the teacher’s view and encouraging everybody to learn more and achieve more. It may even be through the simple appreciation of perfect class attendance and “no tardiness” – something which students will carry with them, hopefully, when they join the workforce.

A teacher is not just a motivator and subject matter expert. He/she is also a story-teller, nurse, adviser, records-keeper, evaluator, guidance counselor, surrogate parent, proctor, and coach – overworked and under-appreciated.

Teachers are the most influential members of the community. When they make a mistake, it multiplies! Kidding aside, they have the power to make a student nourish or extinguish a dream by the words they utter and the treatment they give.

What special lessons, skills, and achievements have you gained through the dedication and support of your teachers?

Not all great and outstanding teachers will be honored by organizations. There are still many such teachers, but organizations choose only one or more awardees. Honor your teachers today while they can still hear you. They are the noblest professionals I can think of. (The Philippines celebrates “National Teachers’ Month” from September 5 to October 5.)

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