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PH bet to Miss Universe 2017 hits bashers

RACHEL Peters, the country’s representative to the 2017 Miss Universe beauty pageant, has lashed out at bashers who bent on their frustrations at queens.

24RACHEL Peters instagram copy

“Seriously sick and tired of people taking their frustrations out on us queens,” said Rachel Peters on Instagram stories.

“If you can do it so much better, you get on stage and show us how it’s done. I was always taught that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Just a friendly piece of advice for all the haters out there,” said Peters.

More than 80 girls from around the world will compete at the 66th Miss Universe beauty contest.

The 5’9 Bicolana beauty, who is currently in a relationship with Governor Miguel Luis “Migz” Villafuerte of Camarines Sur, is in the thick of preparations for the 66th Miss Universe beauty contest.

So far, no venue has been announced for the prestigious beauty pageant. But pageant observers said that the contest will go back to the US in November.

Elizabeth Clenci

This developed as Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2017 Elizabeth Clenci has been appointed by Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza as a National Peace Ambassador.

“It is an absolute honor to be appointed National Peace Ambassador. This month a number of activities, forums and events will be conducted in order to promote and advocate the peace within our nation,” said Clenci.

“It is also one month before I fly off to Vietnam for the Miss Grand International pageant. Miss Grand International organisation addresses a cause that tackles one of the biggest problems our world faces today working towards a beautiful world. Keep an eye out for the activities coming up this month and get involved if you can! I will definitely be at a few,” Clenci added.

Clenci also urged the people “to unite together for humanity.”

“To strive for effective communication, equality, and understanding as a way of life, rather than a concept of a value we try to achieve. Peace isn’t acheived by just one person, one leader, one influencer. Each and every one of us plays equally just an important role. And I think that’s where equality starts…knowing that you…no matter your age, race, religion or sexual preference…are just as equal and significant as anyone else, to make a difference in this world,” she said in an interview on Rappler recently.