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Protect your children with this smart wristband by Lineable

Lineable is a smart wristband designed for kids. It allows parents to keep track of the children’s locations, sending alerts in smartphones if the child wanders off anywhere between 20 to 30 meters away.


The Manila Bulletin TechNews reached out to Lineable via online to ask get their statement on how Lineable can be an effective tool for parents.

“Lineable is a really good alternative to the leash we’ve all been used to in the past. It is what we call a ‘virtual leash’ that activates an alarm on your phone when your child wanders off more than 20-30 meters away,” wrote a Lineable representative. “Its reliability is reinforced with additional features such as tracking a child’s recent location through a unique technology called ‘crowdsourcing GPS.’ This is where other parents with lineable apps can get the signals of nearby Lineables and then sends out the exact location of the child to his/her guardian.”

“Once a child is lost, the guardian can also send a help request so that other parents that’s near the lost child will be alerted. The mission is to ‘make this world a safer place together.’ More than just protecting your own child. It’s a call for everyone to form a community of parents protecting each other’s children. We launched this in Xavier School parents to download the app so they can join the campaign in forming an instant community and network of concerned parents. Glad to say, we were successful as more and more parents are downloading the app.”

In order for Lineable’s mission to succeed means to have more Lineable users. The Lineable app reaches out to all users through the server. Basically, this means if a Lineable user can receive an alert if a missing child comes within their proximity.

In the grand scale this can work. The more Lineable users the more effective geo-mapping and finding missing children who are wearing the Lineable wristbands.

The brilliance here is that Lineable doesn’t have to be limited to children. It can work with elders and such as Alzheimer’s and other disorders. And, in some cases, allows wives and girlfriends to keep track of their men’s whereabouts.

Lineable also has a multiple management feature, which allows users to manage multiple wristbands. This becomes a strong option for kindergarten, schools, and organizations.

In this regard, Lineable is building a community where all parents are protecting children.