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Pedophobia, fear of dolls and children

Matanglawin TV featured the Dizon-Ramos Museum in Negros Occidental recently.

The museum is an ancestral home that stores various collections that go as far back as the 1970s. There’s a collection of angel figurines, numbering 2,000 owned by Bella Galang.

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There’s a keychain collection compiled by Maria Montinola Silos from her travels.

While touring the museum, we were struck by a few artifacts like the walking doll that was famous in the 1970s. It’s called a walking doll because it walks once held by hand and dragged like an adult walking with a little child.

The fear of dolls is called pedophobia. It is also a fear of small children.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Here are some bits and pieces of trivia from a remarkably useful book, Living with Folk Wisdom as written by Dr. Abercio Valdez Rotor.

Wild food plants are also called “survival plants.”

Talisay (Terminaliacatappa) bears nut like fruits that contain small seeds that taste like almond.

Tibig (Ficus nota) fruits are edible, have a good flavour.

Is-is (Ficusodorata) or is-is have rough leaves that are used as natural sandpaper for utensil and wood. Its fruits like tibig are edible.

Balleba (Vallisnera) is an aquatic plant flowing in clear streams, ponds, and lakes, whose leaves appear like ribbon; hence it is also called ribbon grass. The leaves are gathered and served fresh with tomato, onion, and salt.

Apulid or water chestnut. Our native apulid produces very small bulbs – only one-third the size of the Chinese or Vietnamese apulid. It grows wild in places where water is present year round. It is boiled, peeled and served.

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