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Spirits in an old house

By: Kim Atienza

The Fernando family’s house in San Miguel, Bulacan was built in 1864 by Manuel Viola Fernando Sr. The house has been in the family’s ownership ever since.

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The current Fernandos living in the house have reported numerous paranormal incidents the moment they took over
the house as we aired on an episode of Matanglawin (Sundays, 9:45 a.m. on ABS-CBN).

Aubrey, one of the current owners, claimed to have been awakened by the sound of someone passing her bed at 2 a.m.

The moment she got up, she spotted a dark figure of a man watching her from the corner of her bedroom.

Another incident happened when Tintin, Aubrey’s sister, was having drinks with friends. One of her friends stood up to refill their pitcher of water when he was suddenly followed by an old lady. When he asked Tintin who the old lady was, the latter said there was no old lady living with them at the time. The group of friends started running out of the house.

Convinced that something was living with them, the family allowed Matanglawin to call on a medium to conduct a Spirit Quest. A Spirit Quest is a type of séance where the medium walks around the place infiltrated by spirits and attempt to converse with them.

The medium, called Stargazer, saw an old lady, hair tied in a tight bun, wearing a long flowing dress the moment she entered the house. She attempted to talk to the old lady while being accompanied by Aubrey but she is ignored.

With the old lady was an old man who simply lingered around Aubrey. Aubrey was convinced that it was her grandfather, Manuel Viola Fernando Jr., son of the man who built the house, who passed away a year ago.

This ghost was willing to converse with the medium and reasoned that he was only lingering around because he was against selling the house.

To end the séance, Stargazer and Aubrey lit candles in the middle of the house to calm the spirits down. The medium advised the family to pray for the spirit of their grandfather as well as the spirit of the old lady who apparently died with a heavy heart.