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PNP launches human rights application today

The Philippine National Police will launch a mobile human rights application called “Know Your Rights” today.

The application which can be can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by Android mobile device users contains all human rights advisories and policies that the PNP crafted.

It also includes the “New Miranda Warning Pocket Card” with anti-torture reminders.

These, said Chief Supt. Dennis Siervo, head of the PNP-Human Rights Affairs Office, can be downloaded by the police and the community and stored in all Android smart phones.

Siervo said that once the app is installed, it can be accessed anytime by policemen, particularly those involved in field operations, even without Internet connection.

“It equips PNP personnel with the right information and or materials with which to advise citizens or persons placed under police custody of their rights under the law,” said Siervo.

Siervo also said the community can also download and install the app for easy access to human rights advisories and learn their fundamental rights and police operational procedures and rules of engagement.

“The ‘Know Your Rights Mobile Application’ is more than just a technology driven mechanism. It is our public affirmation of the PNP’s duty to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights,” he added.

He said the app is launched in time for the celebration of National Human Rights Consciousness Week with the theme “Stand Up for Someone’s Right Today” and International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10.

It also replaces a mobile application inspired by the war on drugs with PNP chief Director General Ronald M. dela Rosa as the inspiration of the main character that was removed by Apple from its list over alleged promotion of violence.

The government’s war on drugs under the PNP has been the subject of criticisms over alleged human rights abuses and extra-judicial killings. (Aaron B. Recuenco)