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Miss Philippines, others play hero to Miss Peru

MISS Philippines Chanel Olive Thomas is living up to the title of Miss Friendship after she and some candidates rushed to Miss Peru who passed out while the winners for the Miss Supranational 2017 pageant were being announced live in Poland last Dec. 1 (Dec. 2 Manila time).

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The viral footage was not seen on television but several pageant fans who watched the show recorded the incident through their cellphones and uploaded it on social media.

In the video, Miss Peru Lesly Reyna fainted while the hosts were about to announce the winners of the competition.

When Miss Peru passed out, some of the girls, including Thomas, helped her and brought her to an area near the backstage.

Thomas stood a bit far from the commotion when she ran to the girls. Moments later, the Filipino-Australian beauty queen was seen rushing backstage apparently to seek medical assistance for Miss Peru.

In the same video, Miss South Sudan Anyier Deng Yuol who won Africa’s Continental Queen of Beauty saw the incident but chose to ignore it. Yuol finished in the Top 25 of the contest.

This was the second time for Thomas to win Miss Friendship. When she won Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2017 last April 30, the beauty queen from Nueva Ecija also won the same special award.

Thomas finished in the Top 10 of Miss Supranational 2017 beauty pageant. Jenny Kim of South Korea won the contest.
Thomas has a Certificate III in Business Administration, Certificate III and IV in Fitness. She also wants to be a motivational speaker.