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Rx for patience

Ni Marilyn C. Arayata

WHAT are you waiting for? Did you notice that our lives are comprised of a never-ending series of waiting periods?

Expectant mothers wait for nine months before they can see and hold their babies. Students wait for years before they earn a diploma. Farmers wait for months before they can harvest crops. Senior citizens look forward to receiving their monthly pension. Sometimes the waiting periods are shorter, like when we wait for our fast-food order, wait for our turn to use the restroom, or when we wait for a reply to an important message – but just the same, many of us become impatient.

There are times when people have no idea when the waiting period will be over – married couples who have been waiting for a baby for years, disease-afflicted people who want a cure for their sufferings, and job applicants who need a very important break.

While waiting for something, it would be helpful to remember the following:

Get busy doing something else. That is, while you’re also working on whatever it is you are waiting for. This way, you also become more productive.

“Life grows on God’s time.” No amount of hard work, planning and organization can change that. Just do your best and wait for God’s answer.

Who knows if the waiting period is preparing you for something? Maybe there are still skills and values that you need to learn and experiences that you need to acquire. Focus on improving yourself in different ways while you are waiting.

When there is waiting involved, we tend to value something even more. It’s a good reminder for girls. The courtship period can not be rushed. If there is no real effort on the part of the boy, there is a great likelihood that the romance will end soon.

As you read this column, you are probably waiting for something to happen. Be patient. Even Lao Tzu once said, “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures”.

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