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AFP and PNP salary increase

by Francis N. Tolentino

IT is the season to be jolly indeed for the valiant members of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The long wait will soon be over, and our uniformed personnel shall finally be accorded with the salary commensurate with the risk they take in keeping our country safe and peaceful.

Filipino peacekeepers will surely have great reason to look forward to the ensuing year as the Joint Resolution of the House of Representatives and the Senate will soon bear fruits. Recently passing the third and final reading, the said resolution proposes to increase the base pay of uniformed personnel, to be drawn from the R64.24 billion earmarked to support the proposed raise. The campaign for this pay hike was begun years back, but only now has it taken more recognizable shape in President Duterte’s administration. It may be remembered that this increase in salary for uniformed personnel was one of the President’s promises during his bid for the Presidency. A man of his word, President Duterte is expected to have no reservations in approving the legislative branch’s joint resolution as soon as it reaches his table.

In the joint resolution, a Police Officer 1 for example, will receive R29,668 monthly basic pay effective January 1, 2018 corresponding to nearly a hundred percent increase from the present R14,834 monthly salary of a PO1. This translates into greater financial flexibility for uniformed personnel, making them less vulnerable to corruption and inspiring them to serve the people with honesty and dedication.

This well-deserved increase for our police and military troops is surely to boost not only their morale as public servants, but more so their sense of dignity and honor as defenders of the country and its people. It is always never easy to put your life on the line during police operations or military engagements or to defend national borders against enemies and intruders. This anticipated increase will surely affirm the national government’s commitment to ensuring that those who endanger their lives for the sake of the country will never be left unrewarded.Not only will this added take-home pay enable them to provide more for their families’ needs, but will enable them as well to prepare for a stable and happy retirement. For this happy retirement is, after all, what we endeavor to someday enjoy.