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Vic Sotto enters new phase, stars in ‘serious comedy’

by Nestor Cuartero

Vic Sotto and Dawn Zulueta

Vic Sotto and Dawn Zulueta

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A NEW PHASE IN VIC’S CAREER: Comedy King Vic Sotto says he’s entered a new phase in his acting career. There is no turning back, he promises.

His new film, MMFF entry “Meant to Beh,” is quite a departure from Enteng Kabisote and the fantasy-comedy-action genre that has been his trademark through the years.

The film, he says, is really a family drama – a serious comedy, he quips – rendered with lots of comic touches. Dawn Zulueta plays his loveless wife. Under this new phase in his career, Vic welcomes the opportunity to work with today’s young directors. In “Meant to Beh,” he is directed by Chris Martinez for the first time. Vic wants to work with other young directors, even those in their 20s. Cheers!

“Meant to Beh” is one of the five topgrossers in the current fest, based on unofficial results.

DEDICATED TO FAMILIES: The trailer, he says, does not do justice to the film itself. Much applauded everywhere, Vic says there’s much more to the movie than what the trailer hints at.

“After all, it’s just a trailer,” he concurs.

Vic Sotto, veteran of many box office hits at the MMFF, says it is time for him to level up from mere fantasy to what he calls now as “a seriously funny film.’’

The veteran star is referring to his MMFF 2017 entry, “Meant to Beh,” wherein he and Dawn Zulueta play a couple whose marriage is on the brink of a break-up after many years. Their children, played by an assortment of today’s top young stars, pull out all the stops to prevent this from happening.

They include Daniel Matsunaga, Andrea Torres, Sue Ramirez, Gabby Garcia, Ruru Madrid, and Baste.

Vic said a family movie with no fantasy and special effects is a breather, a different genre for him. It is time, he admitted, to level up.