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Ireland has a Goat King

By Kim Atienza

Animals can be such peculiar fellows.

One moment, they’re nothing but another regular pet. Next, you’re surprised by what they could actually accomplish.

From dogs, cats, to even farm animals such as goats, the internet is home to thousands of odd animal videos and maybe even practices involving animals in some cultures that will blow your mind.

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The Goat King
In a small town in Ireland, people come together to crown a goat as their king for three whole days starting annually every August 10th.

The origins of the event are a little hazy but citizens of Killorglin can recall celebrating this holiday for as long as they could remember. In fact, the “Puck Fair” is actually noted as one of Ireland’s oldest festivals to date.

One of the most common and widely accepted theories regarding the birth of the practice involves Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England Oliver Cromwell and a goat fleeing from his troops and into the little village.

The wild goat chosen at random is hailed as “King Puck” and is then paraded around the streets during the event. The lucky monarch is also to be treated like royalty and is to be fed with generous amounts of ash tree branches, water, and cabbage throughout his three-day reign.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Chameleons tend to show darker color when angered or attempting to scare or intimidate others.

Weaver ants are bigger than common red and black house ants. They are more aggressive and fiercer.

Dolphins are considered as one of the most intelligent – yet peaceful animals on earth.

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