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Sexually active po ba ako?

By Rica Cruz

Hi Ms. Rica,
I’m a teenager and about to enter my 20s soon po. Tanong ko lang po kung maco-consider po bang “sexually active” kung hindi naman po nakikipag-sex sa iba? What if masturbation lang po ang ginagawa?

Thank you,

Self Lover

Hi Self Lover!

This is a great question, especially for someone your age. Good job on wanting to learn more about these things and taking care of your body.

Now, the answer to your question really depends on who’s asking and why.

If a doctor asks you about being sexually active, usually, they want to evaluate your risk when it comes to being pregnant and having any type of sexually transmitted infections. Kaya nila tinatanong is because there’s a higher risk of these things happening if you’re active sexually.

Typically, kapag nagawa mo o ginagawa mo ito, you are considered to be “sexually active:”

– Manual masturbation with a partner.

– Vaginal intercourse.

– Anal intercourse.

– Oral sex.

From a medical standpoint, if you’re exclusively masturbating (walang partner), then you’re not considered sexually active.

Pero, kung ibang tao ang nagtanong sa iyo, then it can be taken from a different context, and how you answer is entirely up to you!

When it comes to solo self-pleasure, there’s a lesser chance of you being exposed to STIs and no chance at all of becoming pregnant. However, posible pa rin na magkaroon ka ng infection if you’re using toys/paraphernalia that are contaminated, which is why it’s important to clean whatever it is that you’re using ALL THE TIME.

Having said that, masturbation is associated with less risks than sexy time behaviors with a partner, but, it also shares a number of benefits with it like:

– Relief from stress.

– Improved body image and self-esteem.

– Improved prostate health for men.

– Menstrual cramp relief for women.

– Increased self-awareness.

So, overall, if it’s your doctor asking you if you’re sexually active, then it might be helpful if you tell him/her the specific sexual activities that you engage in. Para mas matulungan siya i-assess how your risks are.

Other than that, then it’s really up to you how you want to answer that question. So whether you consider yourself sexually active or not, and importante ay alam mo that engaging in different sexual activities is normal and part of growing up.

So continue enjoying yourself! #takeitfromthesexymind

With love and lust,


* * *

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Biography: Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, and Sex Therapist. She comes out as the Resident Psychologist on Boys’ Night Out every Thursday night on Magic 89.9.