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Bakit pasigaw mag-host si Richard Gutierrez?

By Robert R. Requintina

KAPAMILYA star Richard Gutierrez has finally reacted to reports that he was in a shouting mode while he hosted the Bb. Pilipinas 2018 beauty pageant last Sunday.

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Gutierrez, 34, gave his reaction in a post on Instagram last Tuesday.

“It was an honor for me to host Binibining Pilipinas last Sunday with our queen, miss @piawurtzbach. Congratulations and best wishes to Ms. Catriona Gray who will represent our country in the upcoming miss universe beauty pageant.

“To all of the beautiful women who were part of Bb. Pilipinas, congratulations on your amazing work! Now, allow me to clarify some issues.

“First, the audio. What people might not know is that our audio system was perfect during rehearsals but as soon as I stepped on stage during the live show to do my opening spiels, the microphone kept turning off, this was edited out during the telecast.

“All throughout the show, Pia (Wurtzbach) & I couldn’t hear ourselves, that’s why I had to raise my voice a few times. I’m not sure if this is because of the audio system or the intense energy of the screaming fans inside the coliseum.

“I wish the situation could’ve been avoided but unfortunately technical difficulties arise during live shows.

“As a professional, I continued doing my job and tried to sustain the energy of the crowd throughout the night. No audio difficulties will stop me from doing my job in the best of my capabilities. As they say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

“I would like to salute and sincerely thank mr. M for guiding me all throughout this weekend and for being a gentleman. He explained that this is the first time an incident like this, audio problems, has happened to him and his team. I guess there’s always a first right?

“But all of this aside, I am thankful and blessed to be able to be part of this memorable event that brings our country together. Have blessed week everyone!!” said Gutierrez.