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The best of the best

By Ronald Constantino

AT LONG LAST! – Yes! magazine may have closed shop, but editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Q. Maglipon assured the book on the 100 best Filipino films is pushing through. Target date is July…this year, of course. At long last!

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It’ll be recalled this columnist challenged Jo-Ann to come up with such a book, saying that Yes! has the credibility and resources to embark on such a monumental task. The challenge was on print (Tempo and Manila Bulletin), five or six years ago.

Jo-Ann assigned some of her best people to do the job, a tough one. Imagine the research done! It took time, but the book is ready for publication. But Jo-Ann’s still writing the introduction.

Told her it was probably “delayed” in time for the celebration of Philippine cinema’s 100th year this 2018.

TITLES,TITLES,TITLES – Needless to say, Jo-Ann refused to name the titles of those included on the 100 best list. She said though that several films released in 2017 were included. Meaning the films of Brillante Mendoza, Lav Diaz, and other indie directors are included? Jo-Ann only smiled.

Highspeed speculates, limited to the works of six directors named National Artists.

Here they are:

BERT AVELLANA – “Anak Dalita.” “Badjao,” “Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.”

GERRY DE LEON – “El Filibusterismo”, “Sisa,” “Banaue”

EDDIE ROMERO – “Aguila,” “Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?”

MANUEL CONDE – “Genghis Khan,” “Juan Tamad”

LINO BROCKA – “Maynila: Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag,” “Bona,” “Kapit sa Patalim”

ISHMAEL BERNAL – “Himala,” “City After Dark,” “Relasyon.”

Of course there are other titles which made the grade, but let’s leave it at that.

May as well name Gregorio Fernandez, Manuel Silos, Chat Gallardo, Tony Cayado, Totoy Buenaventura, Celso Ad. Castillo , Mario O’Hara, Gil Portes, Danny Zialcita, Pablo Santiago, Carlos Vander Tolosa, Maryo J. de los Reyes – all gone now.