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Timely message sent

By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan

young jv

VERY TIMELY MESSAGE: More than being a rom-com, even a fan movie, Regal Films’ “So Connected,” which opens May 23, imparts a very timely message.

It tells us how to use social media properly. It reminds us how we can avoid unfortunate incidents, such as public shaming or scandal.

How? By being more judicious, less reckless, in what we post online and also by being less personal, less intimate, in revealing details about our private life.

The film, by Jason Paul Laxamana, captures how young people today use social media in their day to day activities 24/7. It shows how people disrespect themselves or one another through pictures or videos posted that later go viral.

The film sends a very strong message that is not to be ignored, especially by today’s youth.

If only for this, and the occasional laughs, I enjoyed “So Connected” immensely. It goes without saying that Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake make quite a pair. They are also quite good in their roles.

“So Connected” tells the story of two young people, strangers to each other, who find a bond through social media. It all started when Jameson lost his cell phone to Janella.

BOTH AMBASSADORS: Singer-actor Young JV and his father, Red Kapunan, now share the same title. Both are now called Ambassadors. 
The retired military man is currently Philippine Ambassador to Myanmar. Young JV is an ambassador in his own right, one for Megasoft, which produces a line of baby care and other sanitary products.
Part of his task as endorser is gracing mother company Megasoft’s ongoing national campus tour that promotes the value of education among the youth. The tour is dubbed 2018 Megasoft School is Cool.

Megasoft’s Aileen Go said Young JV fits the bill of youth ambassador perfectly. For eight years, he has been running his very own Lahing Bayani Foundation, which helps send children of Filipino soldiers to school.

Young JV’s latest single, “123,” under Star Music, is now out on Spotify and other digital platforms. Watch out for his next cut, “Bad for Me.”

Other Megasoft endorsers are Jolina Magdangal (with husband Mark Escueta and son Pele), Myrtle Saroza, Ryle Santiago.