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Mechanic dies in freak accident

By Alexandria San Juan

A 56-year-old auto mechanic died after the bus he was repairing accidentally collapsed and crushed him in Quezon City, Wednesday afternoon. Investigators of the Quezon City Police District identified the victim as Clemente Beran, a resident of Bustos, Bulacan.

He succumbed to head injuries and abrasions on the body, police said. Police said Beran was hired by a driver of a football club bus to repair one of their buses which was regularly rented by University of the Philippines athletes.

Beran went to a parking lot at the back of UP Gymnasium around 2 p.m. and started repairing the bus unit. Other drivers of the Global Footbal Club buses helped Beran in replacing the rear side lift spring of the bus using a hydraulic jack.

The men later noticed that the hydraulic jack was slowly slipping, prompting them to rearrange it and continue their work. However, while Beran was lying under the bus, the vehicle suddenly collapsed and pinned him. He was declared dead on arrival at UP Health Service.