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President admits being ‘naughty’

President Duterte has admitted being “naughty” but appeared unapologetic for kissing women in public.

The President said he could not do anything if some people were offended by his kissing style, insisting they cannot impose their moral values on him.

“If you have a different set-up in your biology, God made you a different human being than the rest, then do not impose your morality on me. I’m not hiding anything. I said I have two wives and many girlfriends. That’s true,” Duterte said in Bisaya before a recent gathering of barangay officials in Cebu.

“Now if you are offended, wala akong magawa sa’yo. But that is my style,” said Duterte, who has drawn flak for kissing a married woman on the lips while visiting South Korea last week.

Duterte has attributed his fondness for women to biology, saying he would not deprive himself of getting affection. “You are only in this world once. Will you come back here? You only have one life to live. Then it’s forever,” he argued.

Duterte also explained that kissing ladies has long been part of his style to entertain the people during his political career. He recalled that he gave away campaign items like ballers in exchange for smack on the lips.

“That’s showbiz. If you’re a politician and you don’t know how to entertain your audience, then you do not belong there,” he said.

“You can be anything except when it comes to your job, there should be no corruption. I’m naughty,” he added.

But when it comes to his duty, Duterte assured that he was serious in carrying out the campaign against illegal drugs, crime, and corruption.

He also warned anew local government officials, including barangay leaders, against getting involved in the illegal drug trade. He noted in Cebu alone, many policemen have been implicated in the narcotics trade.

“Here in Cebu, there are many police who are involved in drugs…It’s almost hopeless,” he said.

“Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not destroy the young of the country – my country because I will kill you,” he said. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)