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Unsolicited advice

By Ronald Constantino

‘DON’T!’ – Read in TEMPO and other dailies that this politico and that politico are urging Willie Revillame to run for senator or mayor of Quezon City. The unsolicited advice of this columnist is: “DON’T!” Stay where you are, entertaining and inspiring and helping people through your GMA show, “Wowowin.”


Sure, Willie’s immensely popular and winnable. Politicos are aware of that. But then as the late great comedian Dolphy used to say, more or less, in these words: “Madaling manalo, pero anong gagawin pag nasa position na?”

Dolphy was Willie’s idol.

Actually, Willie’s been asked to run from way back. But he wisely, said no. Stay as wise as you are, Willie dear.

‘WILLIE TOUCH’ – Whenever, which is often, this columnist is at home, the TV is turned on GMA come five in the afternoon, when “Wowowin” starts to air. After listening to and watching all those violent and bloody news, it’s a relief to have fun with Willie until 6:30.

Those pretty and sexy girls dancing and singing, joined by the appreciative audience, with Willie “in command.”

That “Willie touch” is felt all over, putting everyone at ease as he gives away cash, jackets, cell phones, and other goodies.

NO LOSERS – There are no losers in the game show as every contestant is given prizes…in cash and in kind.

Real-life telenovelas are seen in the “Willie of Fortune” game as participants tell their stories – happy or sad, with laughter or tears. One time three housemaids shared the jackpot: R1million, brand new car, house and lot. Their stories were later dramatized in “Magpakailanman,” hosted by Mel Tiangco.

Willie is especially kind and close to kids, elderly, handicapped, and mentally challenged. Not too long ago, a “no-read, no-write” man with hearing and speech defects joined the quiz contest. How well Willie handled it…with much sensitivity and a bit of humor. The man in torn slippers ended winning P5,000 (plus all gifts)…and an extra P2,000 to buy new shoes.

Looking forward to two new “Wowowin” contests: “Gandang Filipina” and “Dance Philippines.”

Really, Willie serves the public without being senator or mayor.