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‘Memoirs of a Movie Queen’

By Ronald Constantino

RECOLLECTIONS – She exudes a positive aura and speaks with wisdom.

That’s Susan Roces, who media met at the contract signing of RiteMed. Susan is now on her seventh year as RiteMed brand ambassador.

Susan Roces

Susan recalls that her late father, Dr. Jesus Sonora, served as company doctor for a mining company in Benguet and later put up a small clinic in Bacolod, where the family comes from. That early, Susan saw for herself how tough it was to cope with sickness…physically, emotionally, and financially.

His father’s patients were mostly poor. “It’s true what we see in the movies. The poor pay not in cash but in kind.

Poultry, fruits, vegetables.”

Susan’s glad that now quality and affordable medicines are available…and that she’s the name and face of RiteMed.

MEMOIRS – Bro. Nes (Cuartero) asked if Susan Roces was amenable to having her life story written. She gave a tentative smile.

To which this columnist suggested a title, “Memoirs of a Movie Queen.”

Ricky Lo of Star reminded that years back Susan wrote a weekly column for the daily. In which case, perhaps Susan could write the book herself, more informal and free-wheeling than a bio. And should Susan need help in writing the book, there are two Susanians ready to be of help. Ricky himself and Canada-based Baby K. Jimenez.

MOVIES – Susan said that she and Amalia Fuentes were not really noted for artistic films as in the ‘60s the thrust was pure entertainment.

To which this columnist said maybe so, but she had her share of memorable movies. Among them: “Maruja,” and its sequel “Gumising Ka …Maruja,” “Patayin Mo sa Sindak Si Barbara” and “Maligno,” “Nasaan Ka nang Kailangan Kita,” “Paano Kung Wala Ka Na.”

And those she made with FPJ, “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw,” “Perlas ng Silangan,” “Zamboanga,” among others.

Not to forget that old Sampaguita movie, “Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak.”