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Duterte: No letup in drive vs drugs

By Genalyn D. Kabiling

President Duterte says he is the most ruthless gangster that would have drug criminals running for cover.

The President has vowed to continue his harsh campaign against those involved in the illegal drugs trade, saying he would not hesitate to throw drug offenders out of a helicopter.

The tough-talking former Davao City mayor said he would first make the drug offender confess his faults and then throw him into the sea.

“Kung gangster kayo, mas gangster ako,” Duterte said before an assembly of vice mayors in Panglao, Bohol last Thursday.

Duterte also warned that the country’s streets are off limits to drug offenders and other criminals as he rallied local government officials to step up the peace and order campaign.

“Let me tell the Republic of the Philippines, the people. Itong highway natin, itong roads natin, itong park natin, para ito sa matitino, the law-abiding citizen of this country. It is not for the drug people to be there, P****** i** ‘pag nakita kita diyan, damputin kita, itapon kita doon sa dagat,” he said.

Duterte renewed his vow that he would destroy anyone who would destroy the nation with illegal drugs.

He said local government officials do not deserve to live if they abuse their power and get involved in the narcotics trade.

“You have no redeeming factor. As a matter of fact, you don’t deserve to live. You deserve to die,” he said.