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Listen to music and reap the benefits

By Marilyn C. Arayata

It can make you feel happy and excited. It stimulates the brain. It also has a calming effect. Listen to good music when you are worried, afraid, or annoyed. You will feel the effect in less than a minute! No wonder, music has become a global billion dollar industry. Still, you can listen to it and reap the benefits without spending anything. Even whistling and tapping can yield positive results! Doctors say music can also help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain.

According to Harvard Men’s Health, an interesting study involving 40 cataract patients with hypertension was done in New York. Only half of the group listened to their choice of music before, during, and after operation. The average blood pressure in both groups rose before surgery. “But the patients surrounded by silence remained hypertensive throughout the operation, while the pressures of those who listened to music came down rapidly and stayed down into the recovery room.” It was also reported that the listeners felt calmer and better during the operation.

Beckie Morley, founder of (UK’s) Musical Moments, an award-winning company which works to improve the well-being of the community through the use of music and movement, gave this advice: “Even just singing along to a fast-paced song can help to raise the heart rate, encourage faster breathing and stimulate the brain. Music is magic and we recommend it every day.”

Has music helped soothe you when you felt impatient and when you were stressed? Do you notice any difference in your mood and productivity when you listen to music and when you don’t? People who spend money on albums and concerts do not remember the amount they paid. They only remember the happiness and` the experience. Listen to good music and reap the benefits!

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