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Shark thriller ‘The Meg’ goes deep, stays shallow

We’re going to need a bigger boat for all these shark movies.

On the tail of “The Shallows,” ″47 Meters Down,” ″Dark Tide” and, of course, the seminal “Sharknado,” comes “The Meg,” the latest in a growing school of shark movies, all of which, to varying degrees, use our fond memories of “Jaws” as bait to reel us back in the water again. The hook on this one? Bigger shark.

Ruby Rose attends the LA Premiere of "The Meg". (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Ruby Rose attends the LA Premiere of “The Meg”. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

To my disappointment, the title of “The Meg” does not refer to Meg Ryan (though it’s nice to imagine an action movie revolving around Jason Statham making precarious escapes from the “When Harry Met Sally…” star). No, the titular Meg of Jon Turteltaub’s thriller is the Megalodon, which sounds like either a “Transformers” character or a heavy metal band.

It is, in fact, a prehistoric underwater dinosaur, a kind of supersized shark that went extinct more than 2 million years ago. According to scientists, they could grow up to 60 feet long. According to Hollywood producers, it’s more like 75 feet or more. In “The Meg,” a Megalodon’s dorsal fin sticking out from the water looks from afar like a catamaran. (AP)