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Pinoy too smart for Dutch foe

By Kristel Satumbaga

Grand ­master Jay­son Gonzales toppled sec­ond seed GM Jorden Van Foreest of The Netherlands in 40 moves of an English encoun­ter to move half a point off the pace after the seventh round of the 22nd Hogeschool Zee­land chess tournament in Vlissingen, the Netherlands Thursday night.

The 49-year-old Gonzales, who was initially in the trip to coach Woman Grandmaster Janelle Frayna and Inter­national Master John Marvin Miciano, hiked his total to six points for a share of second behind top seed GM Sandro Mareco of Argentina.

Mareco turned back erst­while co-leader GM Wang Yungu of China to regain the solo lead with 6.5 points.

Frayna, 22, barged into the top 10 after pulling the rug from under IM Merijn Van Delft of The Netherlands in 30 moves of another English Opening.