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Indonesian is new Mr. Universe Tourism 2018


Brata Kartasasmita of Indonesia is Mr. Universe Tourism 2018.

Brata Kartasasmita

Brata, an aspiring journalist who won 1st runner-up in the international male competition in May, replaced Benigno “Ion” Perez of the Philippines who resigned from the pageant.

The new Mr. Universe Tourism 2018 was announced by Mr. Manuel Genabe, CEO of Mr. Universe Tourism Organization, during the coronation night of Mr. Tourism Indonesia 2018 Friday night.

“Your country’s representative last year Mr. Brata Kartasasmita did very well and landed as one of the winners being the first runner up,” says Genabe.

“However, due to the recent turn of events with our grand winner and for his disappearance and inability to fulfill his obligations, responsibilities, it is now my pride and honor to announce that Mr. Universe Tourism Indonesia 2018 Brata is now Mr. Universe Tourism 2018 replacing the previous winner!” he says.

Genabe reminds the public that “in the event that the grand winner would not be able to fulfill his duties and responsibilities, the 1st runner-up will take his place.”

Mr. Universe Tourism President, Dr. Jumel Bornilla, awarded the crown and sash to Brata.

Bornilla says that Brata is expected to visit the Philippines in October prior to the finals of Mr. Universe Tourism Philippines 2019.

The Indonesian titleholder will have a press conference in Manila soon, Bornilla says. “We want Brata to visit the Philippines as soon as possible but right now, he is busy.”

On Twitter, Brata says “he’s eager to learn to be a journalist.”

Perez Has announced that he resigned as Mr. Universe Tourism despite his failure to submit an official letter of resignation.

The hunk from Tarlac says that he will talk about his resignation “at the right time and at the right place.”

Bornilla also says that the online search for the Philippine representative to the Mr. Universe Tourism 2019 pageant has started. The grand finals of the Mr. Universe Tourism 2019 pageant will be held sometime in October this year.

When asked how the online search for the male pageant was doing, Bornilla says: “Doing great!”