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CHARO Santos

CHARO Santos


ANO ‘YUN?’ – At the recent birthday bash of Regal producer Mother Lily Mon­teverde, Charo Santos got to talk to former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Charo said she asked Mrs. Marcos if she’s seen “The Crown” (TV drama on Queen Elizabeth II) on Netflix. The former First Lady gave a blank look, “Ano ‘yun?”

Charo also asked Mrs. Marcos if she’s been reading articles about her. So many are written about her but she answered she was no longer interested in reading them.

Charo asked Mrs. Marcos’ chaperon to go to Netflix and show her “The Crown.” The chaperon said yes and gave Charo the contact number of the former First Lady.

* * *

‘THE SHOE’ – In another table, Charo said the life and times Mrs. Marcos deserved a TV mini-series no less. A movie isn’t enough to capture her colorful and controversial persona. To which we (Manay Ichu Maceda, Danny Dolor, Er­nest and Rica Maceda, and Pat P Daza) agreed.

Pat P suggested a title, “The Shoe.” Perfect.

Charo said the Imelda mini-series, should it materialize, is meant for local and interna­tional release. After all, Mrs. Marcos is known worldwide, associated with, among many others, a million and one pairs of shoes. An exaggeration, of course.

So why not? Is ABS-CBN in­terested…even if the network is not exactly sympathetic to the Marcoses?

Charo’s former president of ABS-CBN and now a much val­ued consultant.

* * *

NO MORE WORRIES – Cha­ro, who’s 62, looks much pretti­er and younger these days. She said that now she didn’t have to worry about ratings; didn’t have to attend to so many things. “No more worries,” she smiled.

She takes care of husband Cesar Concio and enjoys her grandchildren.