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‘Rising Star’

By Ronald Constantino

THANKS – Of the Ejercito- Estrada clan in San Juan City, she is said to be the “Rising Star.” Not in the field of showbiz, but in politics and public ser­vice. The “Rising Star” in ref­erence is Vice Mayor Janella Ejercito-Estrada, daughter of former Senator Jinggoy.

JINGGOY Estrada and Janella Ejercito-Estrada

JINGGOY Estrada and Janella Ejercito-Estrada

The proud father intro­duced Janella to his friends in the entertainment media, the first time she attended a presscon. Which was very informal, more of “tsikahan.”

The “Rising Star” tag came about as she’s been endorsed as “the next mayor of SJ” by the incumbent Mayor Guia Gomez, on her third and last term after nine years.

Janella , who also served as city councilor, expressed her gratitude to Mayor Guia for the endorsement, adding she worked very well with her. Jinggoy also thanked Mayor Guia.

FOCUS – At 28, a political science graduate of La Salle, Janella’s focus is public service. She connects well with her con­stituents, young and old alike, seeing to it their needs are met.

Janella says she even has a program for drug dependents, many of whom have reformed and are gainfully employed at the city government.

She has little time for par­ties and “sosyalan.” Not even lovelife.

Janella’s thankful she has such a supportive mayor and father. She always seeks their wise advice, including her “lolo and lola.” She, of course, re­fers to former President and incumbent Manila Mayor Erap Estrada and Dra. Loi, former First Lady and senator.

BASHERS – Like other public servants, Janella, has her share of bash­ers and critics. When­ever possible she talks to them, but if she sees there’s no point in doing so, she ignores them. “Ayaw ko ng away.”

What matters is she’s doing her best to serve the people of San Juan in the best way she can.

Papa Jinggoy, having served as SJ vice mayor and mayor, guides her… when asked for. Other­wise, he doesn’t meddle, “Matanda na at matalino si Janella. Kaya niya.”

Oh, how about Jinggoy’s po­litical plans? Yes, he’s running for senator next year, but be­yond that he’d rather not dwell further. There’s another time for that.