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Fil-Am makeup artist is Paris Hilton’s favorite




PATRICK Starrr and Paris Hilton (IG)

PATRICK Starrr and Paris Hilton (IG)

AMERICAN singer-actress Paris Hilton appeared on a YouTube makeup tutorial video of Filipino-American makeup artist Patrick Starrr recently, making known the latter is her favorite.

At the beginning of the video, Hil­ton immediately expressed her love and adoration for Starrr by reveal­ing she was actually the one who called him for the collaboration.

“You are so gorgeous. Ilove you. Iam so happy IDM-ed you. Iwas really shy because Idon’t really slip into people’s DMs, but Iwas like fol­lowing you, and Iwas like, ‘Oh my god. Iam literally obsessed’,” Hilton said.

She added, “This is actually my first YouTube makeup tutorial. I love it. Everyone was always like (send­ing me DMs) like ‘let’s do it’, and when we talked about it, Iwas so excited. Ihave never done a You­Tube tutorial in my life.”

Hilton flew Starrr from Los Ange­les to Las Vegas to do the video col­laboration using her private jet, as revealed in the video.

Throughout the 22-minute video, Starrr gave a step-by-step tutorial on how he did Hilton’s makeup.

“Patrick, you live up to your name. You really are a star. You made me look like a Barbie and Ilove you,” Hilton said at the end of the video.

When Starrr asked Hilton about the Philippines, she responded, “Ilove the Philippines. Igo there all the time. Iactually own real es­tate properties there, two of them.”