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300 kilos of ‘botcha’ confiscated in Tondo


ABOUT 300 kilos of “botcha” or mishandled frozen meat and “lechon” were confiscated by Manila Veterinary Inspection Board (MVIB) from ambulant vendors in Tondo, Manila, early Tuesday morning.

Dominador Boza was arrested while his two companions escaped, police said.

MVIB personnel and Manila Police District (MPD) police officers seized at least 300 kilos of meat from ambulant vendors at the corner of Ylaya Street and C.M. Recto Avenue at around 3 a.m. Tuesday after receiving a tip.

Authorities said a kilo of lechon was sold for R180 while the mishandled meat packed in plastic was sold at a lower price.

VIB special enforcement squad chief Dr. Nick Santos Jr. said eating “botcha”, which comes from animals that died of disease, is harmful to one’s health as it may cause diarrhea, food poisoning, or death.

Vendors caught selling mishandled meat will be fined R100,00 to R1,000,000 and will face imprisonment of six months to 12 years under the Food Safety Act in Meat Inspection Code.

Santos also advised consumers to be vigilant and to double-check the meat they are buying. (Erma Edera)