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Rody introduces beauty queen cop as new top aide


POLICE Senior Inspector Sofia Deliu

POLICE Senior Inspector Sofia Deliu

PRESIDENT Duterte has introduced former beauty queen Police Senior Inspector Sofia Deliu as his new presidential aide.

Duterte made the announcement as he lead the Philippine Quality Award and Conferment Ceremony in Malacañang Wednesday afternoon.

In his speech, Duterte jokingly ordered Deliu to stand up so the audience can see her. He referred to her as the replacement of Special Assistant to the President Christopher Go.

“Ang pumalit kay Bong, tumindig ka nga. Harap ka doon sa kanila. Tumindig ka,” he said.

Deliu will be replacing Go who resigned this month to pursue a senate seat.

This was not the first time Duterte mentioned Deliu in his speech. He often referred to Deliu, a Miss Philippines-Earth finalist in 2015, as his beautiful security aide.

In March this year, Duterte attended the wedding of Deliu to Police Inspector Abdul-Bassar Abdurajak in Zamboanga City. In his message to the then-newlyweds, Duterte shared his view about marriage.

“Marriage is not only about exchanging the sacred vows. It is also about committing a life filled with eternal love and happiness despite all hardships and difficulties. Take your time to adapt and know more about one another and accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” he said.

“Respect and understand your differences and shortcomings and show the same kind of passion and determination at work as a peace officer in keeping your relationship stronger,” he added.

Duterte then revealed that he allowed Deliu to choose any assignment where she can be closer to her husband.

“We can always make arrangements na magkasama kayo, magkalapit lang,” he said.

“Para naman you start your marriage with a companionship that is constant and frequent. Para mabuntis rin kaagad,” he added.

Before becoming Duterte’s aide, Deliu had her time under the limelight when she joined the Miss Philippines-Earth in 2015 to help the Philippine National Police (PNP) in its advocacies.

Deliu then expressed her desire to increase awareness on environmental laws, saying not everyone is aware of existing environmental laws in the Philippines.

The half-Filipina, half-Romanian policewoman from Baguio City finished 15th place in the said pageant.

Deliu joined the police force in 2014 and became the chief supply officer at the PNP Regional Public Safety Battalion. (Argyll Cyrus B. Geducos)