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Avoid kidney problems



marilyn arayata - inspire and equip

WE learn from our mistakes. We also seek to learn from the mistakes of other people. In chance conversations with dialysis patients and their companions, I asked why their kidneys stopped functioning. Eating too much in­stant noodles (loaded with so­dium), taking too much painkiller, not taking prescription/mainte­nance for high blood pressure, not drinking enough water/dehydra­tion, and having uncontrolled dia­betes were the top reasons in my limited and informal inquiry.

Kidney diseases are among the leading causes of death among Filipinos, with diabetes and hypertension as the leading causes of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). When the kidneys of a person with ESRD stop functioning, there is a need for dialysis (lifetime) or a kidney transplant to survive.

Our kidneys are very important parts of the urinary system. They also balance body fluids and minerals, extract waste from the blood, produce a hormone that controls the production of red blood cells, and regulate blood pressure.

When the kidneys start to fail, it is said that there are no noticeable symptoms. The creatinine level begins to rise after the damage has begun. This is why a kidney disease is dubbed as a silent killer.

With proper care and diet, it is possible to delay the progression of kidney failure, but nothing can beat prevention. Love your kidneys. Keep yourself hydrated. Watch your blood pressure and blood sugar level. Experts say we must avoid taking painkillers unless (extremely) necessary, avoid health supplements, avoid smoking/heavy drinking, and maintain an ideal body weight, plus an active lifestyle.

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Be healthy. Be happy!